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Muscle Recovery and Hydration

Cold/Flu Prevention, Detox, Diabetes Health, Skin Health & Beauty Concerns, Fatigue

Jet Lag, Sinus Infections, Migraines, Hangover

Immune System Booster, Chronic Fatigue, Seasonal Allergies, Asthma and Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Ultimate Detox with Glutathione and Vitamin B12 Glutathione is a potent anti-oxidant that repairs damaged cells, detoxifies the liver, and boost immune system.

2 Liters of Electrolyte Replacement, Muscle Aches/Soreness, Joint Issues


Intravenous (IV) Nutritional Therapy not only includes Electrolytes, but other NUTRIENTS, such as AMINO ACIDS, MINERALS, VITAMINS and other natural organic compounds given as an Intravenous Infusion.

The employees are extremely nice and very professional

have received two IV treatments from Recharge Zone and have had wonderful experiences both times. The employees are extremely nice and very professional and the overall atmosphere is very comfortable. I will definitely be utilizing their services again!

Mario C.

I had a great experience at Recharge Zone

The facility is brand new, clean, and decorated beautifully. Vibe was very quiet and peaceful. The RN who gave me my IV was sweet, professional, and made me feel very comfortable. The practice manager, Franchesca, was hospitable and made my first visit pleasurable. I felt incredibly recharged and refreshed after my IV and B12 shot. I had been feeling sluggish and dehydrated and this helped immensely. I would highly recommend this high end facility if you're looking to feel replenished!

Alexa Z.

Friendly and Helpful Staff

I went in today feeling a bit dehydrated and experiencing soreness in my joints due to inflammation. The staff was very helpful in helping me choose an in treatment to help my symptoms. I had to wait a little as I got there right when they opened and they gave me some time at their oxygen bar while I waited. They had a very comfortable recliner with a tv and access to Netflix while I received my treatment. I left feeling much better with the soreness I had been experiencing gone. I highly recommend giving this a try and plan on returning.

Wade W.

This place is clean and relaxing

Way more affordable and glamorous than going to the ER for dehydration. I like to party and sometimes I overdo it - this place is literally a life saver. The entire place is aesthetically pleasing and the customer service is great. The chairs are very comfortable and you are given wireless headphones and a remote to watch Netflix or Hulu during your IV treatment. Definitely coming back!

Karina M.

What a wonderful experience this was !!!!

I personally have never been to an IV bar which is a fantastic concept by far they also have the oxygen bar as well ,pretty sure you could do that at the same time ... will be back for sure !!! THANK YOU for making me feel So much better and for making my major migraine go away !!!!

Tiffani D.

Go. Here. Seriously.

This place is great! I got the "cup of wellness" and left feeling SO much better. I walked right in, everyone was friendly & helpful, it's relaxing, I was even offered a blanket while I got my IV.

Beth C.

When Drinking Water Is Not Enough

100% of the Nutrients and Vitamins are immediately absorbed by bypassing the digestive system.
Let Recharge Zone IV take your health to the next level!

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